Just imagine this headline in The Billings Gazette this spring: “Montana Billings University has announced its return to the gridiron after many years of absence from what is truly America’s rallying game.” Montana Billings University, the City of Billings, and all of Eastern Montana should make it happen.

Imagine The Billings Gazette showing the fortunes of Montana Billings University’s football program, along with those of the U of M, MSU and other Montana campuses. There’s a lot to be said for kicking off the school year with the football season’s initial kickoff. Think, social atmosphere: an important part of university life. True, the cost of the return will be high, but the benefits to the campus, state and region should far outweigh the cost.

Sorry, I digress. I started this letter before I read The Gazette’s opinion dated Oct. 5, 2017, titled, “If you want the B in MSUB.” I believe that the location of the “B” in MSUB relegates Billings to a “B” rating or little-brother status. Yes, the “B” stands for “Billings,” but its location in the name infers a subordinate campus. Too, the word “State” in the name historically belongs to Montana State University, since the campus’ inception. Its use in this case is redundant. Moving the “B” from its current afterthought position gives an appropriate name for the former EMC. “Montana Billings University” will get Billings back where it belongs — up front and with prestige!

Lawrence T. Phelps