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If you believe that mankind will continue to live and flourish on this planet and you love this state, you should be vitally concerned about the latest threat to our last remaining wild places.

For 100 years now, our state has been working to rectify historical blunders, restore vanishing species, habitat and despoiled landscapes. Now the latest, greatest threat comes from one of our own senators to downgrade status of Wilderness Study Areas, bulldoze new roads and let motorized use invade.

Should the Daines bill pass, the butchering of our remaining public wild areas must be seen in historical terms similar to the bison extermination and endangerment of other animal species. On a changing planet, these last, wild, clean water source habitats are not only the strongholds of our iconic elk herds, but also the last hope of escape from extermination for some species. Montanans, all of us need to be aware of this “unvetted hatchet job” on Montanan wild areas, and raise our voices against it. Other newly proposed legislation has now put wilderness areas themselves up on the chopping block. The last thing this state and country needs right now is more political fighting over squeezed wilderness and vanishing wild areas.

Hal Harper