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Given the recent influx of incompetent, dishonest and ultimately useless Republican candidates for various statewide offices in Montana, I am not surprised that Russell Fagg can be considered a frontrunner for the office to which he aspires, the United States Senate.

It troubles me and should the electorate at large, that Fagg considers himself a legitimate candidate, despite his abysmal record. He does already have two complaints filed against him for unethical behavior, before even being elected.

The first complaint was filed with the Federal Election Commission claiming that Fagg violated campaign finance law by starting to campaign for the U.S. Senate while pretending to be “exploring” a run.

The second complaint was filed with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics and alleges that Fagg, clearly someone willing to ignore rules in exchange for personal gain, failed to disclose certain financial information on his candidacy forms. Then there is his shady “exploratory committee” while still a sitting judge — something surely seeming to push the boundaries of common sense judicial ethics.

There is good reason that judges historically have refrained from identifying themselves as candidates for political office or publicly expressing loyalty to any political party. Partisanship has long been considered anathema within the framework and procedures of the law. Incredibly, Russell Fagg felt no obligation to refrain from discussing campaign issues while still serving as a district court judge in Yellowstone County and surrounding areas.

Washington already has more than its share of corrupt politicians, and it definitely doesn’t need one more from Montana.

Dan Lourie