I am compelled to write this letter because of the tax reform bill recently passed by the Republicans in Congress.

AARP states that, as a follow-up, the GOP has now completed a budget where in the next few years there will be a reduction of $4.1 billion from programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Our glorious leader tells us that he and the other millionaire Republicans will replace those program with something much better.

I think the GOP has finally gone too far. They appear to be against any allocation of money that might not go to a corporate business where some chief executive or board of directors can play their trickle-down scam. They will also be able to use the deficit created by the recent tax bill to eliminate other public programs. One example would be privatizing federal lands or reducing Social Security.

Without these entitlement programs, many people realize that they will not be able to live their lives without fear of economic disaster or a destitute retirement. Here in Billings and every town in our country there are hundreds of low-paying jobs where employees have very little chance of ever making enough money to fund a decent old age.

The government of the richest country in the world can surely afford to take care of its citizens. Let’s get rid of our millionaire GOP representatives and elect someone who will protect all of our citizens.

John Gibson