With every act and vote he takes, it is clear Rep. Greg Gianforte does not represent Montana and does not share our values of integrity and honesty. He showed his true colors when he voted for the recent House tax bill that will give him thousands of dollars in tax benefits every year, benefits that far exceed the average wages of everyday hard-working Montanans.

If you work for or serve on one of the hundreds of Montana nonprofit organizations, you know the IRS calls actions like that “self-dealing.” It is also worth thinking about the Constitution and the Emolument Clause which is directed toward financial dealings by the president and is based on a simple, sound idea, “that our nation’s security and well-being are threatened when those entrusted with acting in the public interest use their office for private gain.”

Gianforte’s vote will line his own pocket while increasing our taxes in future years and eliminating modest benefits like the deduction that helps Montana families and students afford college tuition. His vote harms Montanans in countless ways. We deserve better.

Lynda Moss

former State Senator,

Montana Congressional candidate