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In an April 9 letter Charlie Donnes claims there are "two false justifications" for sending National Guard troops to the Mexican border. He claims as one, the convoy of Hondurans currently northbound through Mexico is seeking asylum in Mexico, not the United States. Time, not "lap dog" press, reported on April 2, 2018, on this issue, including the following:

"Alex Mensing of Pueblos Sin Fronteras told ABC News that many of the caravan travelers are fleeing violence and that they are hoping to reach U.S. ports of entry in Arizona, California or New Mexico where they will claim asylum and likely be detained."

Donnes also criticizes Trump for deploying National Guard troops to the Mexican border, insinuating this is a grand plan for a future military incursion south of the border. Does Mr. Donnes recall former President Obama deploying National Guard troops to the southern border in a supposed effort to help secure it? President George W. Bush also did this.

Mr. Donnes' comparison of this to "Vietnam" is faulty at best as the troops are on U.S. soil and National Guard troops are being used rather than federal troops.

Monty McNearney