We've been talking in Billings for years about the type of city we want to be. The consensus has been pretty clear: We want a vibrant city that remains a great place to live and that rises above the competition in terms of economic prosperity, job growth, a clean environment and attractiveness to investors and the next generation.

It's time now to act and make this vision a reality. Randy Hafer is a man of action and my choice for the next mayor of Billings. As an architect and downtown property owner, he has been a key player in downtown revitalization for more than 25 years, redesigning properties for office, retail, housing and commercial use. He has been a leader in local and state committees addressing issues of urban growth and historic preservation. He has put Billings on the map as home to some of the most energy efficient and resource efficient buildings in the U.S. He is a business leader, named the 2014 Montana Small Business Person of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration and recipient of the Chamber of Commerce's highest award for civic excellence. He is a jobs creator, bringing your talent to Billings as employees of High Plains Architects.

It's the right time in Billings for a mayor with Hafer's skills, knowledge, commitment and experience.

Sandra Reiter