Fellow Montanans: So here come the same hard-line GOP leaders, who first created the budget mess we are in, back to Helena, vowing to ignore the well-proffered financial solution/compromise by Gov. Steve Bullock. They only bring along their unworkable fiscal ideology of "small" government, the people be damned.

Reps. Austin Knudsen, Ron Ehli, Nancy Balance, Adam Hertz, et al, and Sens. Fred Thomas, Jennifer Fielder, Scott Sales, Pat Connell, et al, have publicly proclaimed they are ready for another fight, not cooperation to work for fiscal welfare of Montanans. This attitude is best said by Rep. Brad Tschida. In an newspaper letter he insulted any Montana who cares by snidely stating that if they wanted revenue enhancement, they should send their check to the Montana Revenue Department.

Please contact your reasonable legislators (they are there) and ask that they work with the governor to solve our fiscal problems. And, demand that the GOP not expand the session to just make more mischief. These guys need to be stopped and alert and active voters can do it.

Pat Bradley

Twin Bridges