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House District 49 deserves the support and commitment of candidate Emma Kerr-Carpenter.

Residents of HD 49 are working-class citizens who are: concerned with education, worried about daycare, devoted to protecting our environment, and focused on increasing mental health services for our community and beyond. We are educators and artists, health care workers and construction workers, state government employees and those actively looking for work. We attend churches, volunteer and are active in our community.

Emma is one of us. She is our neighbor. She is on the board of Northern Plains Resource Council and serves on her downtown church council. As a mental health counselor, she is actively working to restore funding for mental health programs, services and health care for our whole community. As an educator, I know firsthand how important mental health care is for our youth, and I need someone in Helena who understands the varying needs of my students, as well as the teachers who work with them daily.

We need someone in Helena who will represent the hard-working constituents of House District 49 and our varied interests. Kerr-Carpenter will represent us well. I encourage all residents of House District 49 to cast your primary ballot for Kerr-Carpenter, who is truly committed to serving our neighborhood, our community, and our state.

Sara Hull