As a high school aged volunteer with Planned Parenthood, I have heard many stories from classmates and supporters of Planned Parenthood about how Planned Parenthood has positively impacted their lives.

While calling supporters one day, I came across an 85-year-old woman living in rural Montana. She told me that she is a full supporter of Planned Parenthood and that she calls Sen. Steve Daines around five times per day so that he hears what she has to say as his constituent. Support for Planned Parenthood spans generations. 8,118 people of all ages utilize Planned Parenthood services each day across the United States. If Planned Parenthood were to be defunded, thousands of Montanans and millions of Americans would lose high quality, expert and confidential care. As our elected official, Daines is responsible for listening to his constituents and knowing that we aren't going to stop fighting for women's health care and our rights to make private medical decisions.

By supporting defunding Planned Parenthood, what Daines is putting at risk is basic preventative health care, such as cancer screenings and birth control prescriptions. I urge Planned Parenthood supporters to speak up during this time of need and for Daines to vote against any legislation that would defund Planned Parenthood.

Nathalie Wagler