I believe Montana needs a new option for our single congressional seat. Let me introduce him.

John Heenan is running for Congress. He lives in Billings and operates a private practice as a consumer protection lawyer, representing regular people against banks, insurance companies, payday loan companies, debt collectors and other large corporations. His work as a consumer protection lawyer has shown him that there are two economies and two sets of rules: one for the rich and powerful, and one for everyone else.

We need a Representative for Montana who will protect the interests of Montanans.

Heenan is the congressional candidate that believes the health care needs of Montanans are more important than the profits of insurance companies and their lobbyists. As a family man with four children, he can understand the daily worries of average citizens.

Heenan has been crossing the state connecting with folks and listening to their concerns. He has promised not to take corporate PAC or corporate lobbyist money. Just as his life has represented average citizens, he will take that same passion and commitment with him to Congress when he becomes our next representative. Please get to a meet-and-greet in your area and meet John. Tell him your concerns. You will see for yourself, he will make us proud of our representative again.

Joan Mickelson