In response to the Las Vegas massacre, President Donald Trump said, “Our unity cannot be shattered by evil.” But any unity I’ve had with Montana’s congressmen is shattered now. Not that I’ve agreed with Greg Gianforte or Steve Daines on most issues, but I've really resonated with Jon Tester.

I’ve praised, supported and voted for him twice, reluctantly accepting his many votes against common-sense gun legislation. Here are a few: In 2013, after Sandy Hook, he voted against a ban on high-capacity magazines and against limiting magazine sizes to 10 rounds. (He also told family members of Sandy Hook victims that gun control legislation won’t decrease mass shootings — a statement easily proven false.) In 2016, after Orlando, he voted against background checks for gun sales online and at gun shows. In 2017, he voted to allow gun sales to severely mentally ill people who are too disabled to handle their own money.

By accepting Tester's votes, I am complicit to these ongoing massacres, with the victims' blood on my hands. So unless he changes his ideology, I won't vote for him again. I've called Tester's office to express my decision, and I hope you do the same. Let's end this injustice.

Heidi McCormick