In response to Marian Keller, of Glendive: The blatant disregard for all the veterans and service men and women in Ms. Keller's comments stun me. Does she think only the conservatives on the right are serving in the military? That they would be the only one to take up arms to save this country from an attack? Sorry, I don't believe that for a minute.

I don't know why conservatives think that we liberals are so against guns and protecting our country. All the liberals I know in Montana have guns.

Tell me Ms. Keller, have you served in the military? I have for six years during the Vietnam War. Granted I'm a woman and wasn't allowed to fight, but I served in a capacity of support for our troops, as my father, also a Democrat, did during World War II in Europe, because we felt it was our duty to serve the country we both love. Don't use your lack of knowledge regarding liberals to make foolish statements. As Americans we would all defend our country with guns, which many, many liberals also own. Conservatives don't have the exclusive ownership of guns. I love my country enough, even at my age, to do what it takes to protect it from racist bigots, domestic terrorists and foreign terrorists.

And if you had done the research regarding the Confederate statues that are being taken down, the facts will tell you that most of the statues were erected during the 20th century, in the era of the Jim Crow Laws and the Civil Rights Movement. Do your research.

As for the protection of our country, you had better believe that we liberals would be right there alongside everyone else protecting our country.

Carole Eggum