In March of 2016, I traveled to Dickinson, North Dakota, to testify in support of protections being proposed by the Bureau of Land Management that would put in place common sense, achievable measures to limit the amount of methane and volatile organic compounds released into the air during oil and gas developments. Thankfully, the BLM did end up finalizing these protections later that year.

Unfortunately, throughout 2017 the new administration has tried to take away these protections, over and over again. Most recently, the BLM is attempting to delay implementation of the protections for another year.

I know the importance of air quality protections from my own lived experience. Unwitting exposure to air pollutants has already limited my ability to perform efficiently, whether it is for work or play. As a society we need to consider the health of future generations. And we need to respect the process of hearings.

Please keep the methane pollution rule in place.

Becky Grey

Red Lodge