It used to be, when American entrepreneurs believed in something, all they expected from government was freedom of opportunity and a level playing field, based on the rule of law. It wasn’t the job of government to guarantee their success, nor tilt the scales in their favor. Success was determined by their own hard work.

Fast forward to 2017, and listen closely to the rhetoric of the Left. Their message isn’t about opportunity and freedom. It’s all about the “need” for government to step in and promote one type of industry or technology over another, to create their idea of a better society. Consumer choice and free markets go out the window, replaced by the political mandates of the ruling elite.

Consider the energy field, where government actively sponsors certain forms of energy (renewables) over traditional forms that are far less costly and more reliable. They do this with a myriad of taxpayer funded programs that create massive subsidization of wind and solar projects that could never make it on their own. Even with these subsidies, ratepayers are often forced to pay higher energy costs for the renewables that government rams down their throats.

The PSC is trying to protect the interests of consumers by holding solar energy contracts to reasonable lengths, with rates that accurately match the energy market. This 10-year review provision applies to the utility monopoly’s generation facilities, too.

By refusing to embrace special favors for politically correct energy, the PSC is not anti-solar. But they are pro-consumer and pro-freedom.

Klaas Tuininga