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More gun control is not the answer. We already have extensive laws. Perhaps, we need to focus on enforcement with more meaningful consequences. Limiting individuals under the age of 21 from purchasing or possessing a firearm is ridiculous when we consider individuals at the age of 18 enter the military, receive extensive training and are expected to defend our country. Perhaps we should consider legal purchase and possession of firearms to individuals under the age of 21 if they have been honorably discharged from the military with a thorough exam of mental status.

There are other options to handle security at schools. Why not consider engaging volunteers from the pool of veterans or retired law enforcement personnel? These individuals are well-trained in the use of weapons and would not have a problem confronting an armed aggressor. The school board members could actively participate in the review of qualifications and the interview process. The process should include a mental status exam. Refresher courses could be provided by local law enforcement. Perhaps schools should install equipment to scan for firearms at the school entry. These individuals could also assist with monitoring these devices.

I am a Vietnam veteran who has enjoyed volunteering to transport disabled American veterans for 15 years. Volunteering at schools would be just as enjoyable. Not everyone needs or wants to be paid for performing a civic duty. It is time for our paid civic leaders to take the bull by the horns and do their job.

Dick Allran