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Elections should be about having difficult discussions about the future of our state and country. I understand the subject of meth and gangs is a disturbing topic for all of us. However, meth use is up 500 percent since 2010 in Montana. As a judge for 22 years, I saw firsthand how meth is the root cause of a large portion of our criminal and abuse neglect cases.

Sadly, 99 percent of the meth in Montana comes across the Mexican border illegally by Mexican gangs or cartels, according to the Task Force Commander of our local Drug Task Force. This is why I support Trump’s calls for stronger borders. This meth is 97 percent to 98 percent pure and wreaks havoc on thousands of Montana lives and families. My ad is thought-provoking, but meth and its disruptive wake need to be talked about to combat it.

One tool to combat the most horrendous crimes of brutal torture and murder is capital punishment — to be used only in extreme cases.

As my current ad points out, I support the death penalty for despicable crimes. One of my primary opponents, Matt Rosendale, doesn’t. This is a simple fact that Montanans can consider as they vote. These ads simply point out a big problem facing Montana and why we need all tools available to combat it.

Looking at both sides of tough issues, making hard decisions and cleaning up what is wrong in Washington is what I will be focused on as your senator.

Russ Fagg