So we have local residents pushing for a needle exchange. How forward-thinking, all sarcasm intended. From the article in the Nov. 2 Gazette:

"St. John said he has questions about how the programs have worked elsewhere, and would need to meet with the city and county attorney to discuss the issue locally, if the project gets that far."

By all means, lets add to the burden of law enforcement.

"A law passed this spring by the Montana Legislature exempts people administering a needle exchange from drug paraphernalia laws. But questions remain about how police would interact with those visiting an exchange, St. John said."

Gee, illegal drug users free from prosecution, that should clear things up.

"Steve Crawford, chief of police in Bozeman, said officers there have no agreement not to track people who visit the exchange, but that police also do not know when or where the exchange will take place. (Bozeman’s exchange is run from a mobile unit. The schedule is announced on a private Facebook page.)"

We can't track it except through social media, and have no idea of the impact on the community, so that's a green light for the program, right?

Here's your sign.

Steve Wiser