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Recently, Florida resident and former Montana Legislator Jesse O’Hara made some vicious accusations against Randy Pinocci, who is running for the PSC in northeastern Montana, but research proves them to be falsifications and outright lies.

O’Hara claims that Pinocci promoted HB 489 to profit himself. I, too, am a former state senator. What the bill did was apply the net metering laws equally to the electrical co-ops as they are for utility companies. Pinocci talked about his research into acquiring a windmill generator in his yard which would reduce his electric bill, knowing that many others would like to do the same, but ran into the same problems to make it work.

Citizen legislators bring their individual experiences to the Legislature. That gives them more knowledge on an issue. Then it is up to half of the other 149 members along with the governor to agree with that legislator. When I first ran for the state senate, it was because workers comp insurance made it difficult for me to hire people. Any successful legislation that would reduce those premiums would have benefited me, but it would have also benefited thousands of others. I don’t know a legislator who would not benefit from some legislation they voted for in a session. They are citizens after all.

O’Hara knows that, yet he attempts to dishonor another person. This kind of campaign tactic needs to end. If you live in PSC District #1, you would be well served to vote for Randy Pinocci.

Ken Miller