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The people in assisted living, rehabilitation, nursing facilities, and elderly at home need our help, not just in Billings, I'm betting all over the U.S. For most, their only entertainment is television (with over a hundred different channels). It sounds great at sign-up, but most spend their days and nights looking at one station for fear of losing it or a black screen that says, "no signal or no source." Changing channels may mean that you will end up with the black screen and wait and wait till someone with remote control expertise can get the cable source back on the TV. I don't think learning how to use remote controls is in any job description of CNAs.

It is surprising to me in this tech era that cable companies and remote control manufactures still hand out old, unusable remotes to all these homes. It is ridiculous to think elderly can easily use a two-remote system, one to turn the TV on, one to change channels, one for volume, one for menu, etc. Press the wrong one and you get a black screen for hours or days.

Do you know of an aspiring student or someone in the tech field that you could convince to invent, design or reconfigure cable remote controls that actually work for elderly, not two with “X” buttons that even I have a hard time seeing the well-worn numbers and letters on the face? Please pass this on to the next millionaire.

We did buy a different kind of remote for our mother, but she and others still have problems with them.

"Help! They need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help ... "

Sheri Kisch