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One of the worst things about campaigns these days is the out-of-state funded ads peppering the media. The award for worst to date goes to Matt Rosendale. While he may be trying to distance himself from the fact that he’s from Maryland — complete with a drawl that hasn't yet dissipated — he isn't distancing himself from the out-of-state donors and outside interest groups propping up his candidacy.

Recently, an out-of-state super PAC started by an Illinois billionaire spent half a million dollars on an advertisement attacking Sen. Jon Tester. The ad claims that Matt Rosendale is the “Montana” candidate — an extraordinary claim from an out-of-state PAC, supporting an out-of-state candidate who came to Montana, politics in mind, after purchasing a place to meet residency requirements. The ad attacks a third-generation Montanan.

Montanans don’t need a silent donor from Illinois telling them what “Montana values” are. Montanans know what they value. Sen. Tester lives Montana. He meets with Montanans. He votes Montana. We don't need someone who has moved here to continue a ladder-climbing political career. Rosendale is trying to unseat a Montanan who's the Senate’s only working farmer.

Contrast Rosendale's out-of-state ads with Sen. Tester, who has consistently fought for transparency in campaign finance and has voted for campaign finance reform every time it has come up in the Senate. Tell Rosendale and his out-of-state friends to keep their money, Montana and her values are not for sale. Vote Jon Tester.

Linda Healow