When I saw The Gazette on Nov. 20, 2017, I was shocked and outraged to see a front page headline that read, "Christian Conservatives backing Moore." My outrage is not directed at The Gazette. It is directed at anyone or any group who claims to be an expression of the Christian faith that would declare their support of a person accused of the sexual improprieties leveled against Senate candidate Moore. I am neither the judge nor the jury to determine Moore's guilt or innocence. Nonetheless, I want to disassociate myself from the Christians who lend him their support.

I am a Christian, but I am also a part of the Montana Interfaith Network. Presently this group in Billings includes Muslims, Jews and Christians. We are of the persuasion that the "Conservative Christians" supporting Moore are not a faith group, but a political organization. We would like the readers of The Gazette to know we are acutely aware of the sins committed throughout history by various expressions of our faiths, and we are humbly penitent. Neither do we claim to be God's righteous devotees with all of the right understandings of the will of the Deity we claim to follow. However, we do want to assure the public we differentiate between loyalty to God and submission to the aspirations of imperialistic leaders who are neither sensitive to the dignity of every person nor the moral fitness and fiber of the broader society and the world. We invite anyone to our table for conversation to help us better understand our diversity and to find our solidarity in support of the people who suffer most in our midst.

The Rev. J. William Hawk