Here is a simple solution to Ron Poertner's editorial opinion. Cattle producers that feel threatened by the presence of bison in Montana should simply start raising bison. It solves two problems. The brucellosis issue goes away and cattle producers can become profitable. The cattle business is not nearly as profitable as the bison business. Bison carcasses are bringing $3 per pound more than beef carcasses, and have outperformed beef carcasses for 10 years straight. It's a win-win. Bison are no longer a threat, and beef producers become profitable.

I'm a fourth-generation farmer/rancher and one thing my father taught me is this: Change or die. It's your choice. In three generations our family has seen change from dairy to beef to hogs and minimal-till to no-till to bison.

The beef industry is a commodity. Every time prices go up, the government just imports more. Beef producers are slaves to the government. If you want to keep working for the government, then God bless you. If you want to solve the bison "problem" in Montana then just start raising them. Do yourself a favor. You will make a profit. If the market price gets high, which it is high currently, you can't import from Mexico or Argentina. The price stays high.

Brian Grubb

Sharon Springs, N.Y.