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I have read the letter by Marian Keller several times. I had to as there are so many blatant statements that are not true. No one manipulated these children into believing anything. First of all, they are not children. They are teenagers, many about to be adults. They are capable of clear thought and reasoning all on their own. They faced their death at the hands of a shooter with an assault weapon. Have you ever done that Marian?

The students of Parkland decided since the adults seemed to care more about protecting the NRA and their guns that they would take a stand. And for that, I am so proud of them.

Marian Keller goes on to say that legal gun owners have kept this country free from foreign and domestic takeovers for centuries. Really? Did you all go out and hold them off with your guns? I am pretty sure I've never read this as part of our country's history.

How have gun owners saved this country from foreign entities who have challenged our democratic republic and freedoms? Please explain.

U.S. District Judge William Young said assault rifles are military firearms and are not protected by the constitutional right to bear arms. I value my family's lives. I am going to fight for new gun safety laws to protect them in school, at concerts, at movies and anywhere else a crazed gunman with an AR-15 may show up, shooting.

Kay Carlson