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Trump thinks that a shooter would not enter a hardened school because they don't want to die. Quite the opposite. Excluding Parkland, how many shooters have come out alive? Most end with suicide. They welcome death. For whatever reason, life has become too hard to endure.

Armed teachers, more deputies — this is nonsense. How about locked doors to classrooms and cameras in the hallways? Someone in a safe position could watch the monitors and hopefully spot a crazy with a yet unused war weapon. If spotted, announce an immediate lock down and direct deputies to the shooter’s location.

This is not rocket science. What we absolutely do not need are more weapons. A good guy with a gun can accidentally kill me as well as a bad guy can intentionally kill me. Either way, I am dead.

I ask you to drop all you are doing and support these kids from Parkland. Hopefully, they will do what we should have done. The confusing Second Amendment needs to be repealed and replaced. A “well regulated militia” needs to be explained in 21st century language. I am certain it is possible with your help. I beg your help.

Daren Moog