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In response to "Committee assessing $2.3 M for Yellowstone River Projects", in February 19, 2018 issue.

I would like to direct the following to the Yellowstone River Recreation Advisory Committee:

As Blue Creek residents we have seen many changes in and around Riverfront Park. When I read the projects suggested by your committee I was very disappointed there were no suggestions or discussion for more parking at this Park site.

Riverfront Park is used for many events throughout the year, one being cross country races for school districts in and around Billings. Year after year, we have seen the vehicle overflow of spectators parked (on both sides) all along South Billings Boulevard. They extend great distances, both north and south of the park entrance. It is a frightening scene to watch all ages hurrying to and from their vehicles. This, combined with the usual heavy traffic on that highway, creates an unbelievable traffic hazard.

Some years back, an organized committee from the Blue Creek area met with the Parks, Recreation & Public Lands Department in Billings. After discussion of the traffic dangers and the need for more parking in the park site, they were informed, "We don't have money for that."

Now, comes the information, "Millions of dollars in planned projects to improve Yellowstone River recreation inched closer to becoming a reality" (The Billings Gazette, Feb. 19, 2018). As your discussions continue, please consider the seriousness for additional parking as you plan more development in and around Riverfront Park. Why wait for a fatality?

Monica Weldon