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Let us peel the face off another political snake and call Matt Rosendale what he is: a shady opportunist. His deadbeat, archaic conservative politics may suit his rural Glendive constituents well but it will not represent the wide range of political needs that encompasses our entire state.

We should look at the putrid gridlock in Washington, D.C., at the moment and ask ourselves, "Do we really need another self-serving fringe candidate to maintain the dysfunctional status quo?" Rosendale's record in developing bipartisan relationships to get things done in Montana is putrid. How can we trust him on the national stage?

Accountability? Please. As state auditor he refuses to announce how the state's $70 million in annual gambling tax revenue is being spent while advocating deep educational cuts due to a current state deficit. So much for transparency.

Sen. Tester has a proven track record of being a middle-of-the-road Montanan, fighting for us all not just a hand-picked few. Let Rosendale's ambitions take him another direction.

William Segerstrom