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Travelers beware: Wyoming troopers make their own rules.

A recent trip to Wyoming found me on a long straight away approaching a vehicle who was slowing, considerably under the 70 mph limit. I pointed out to my son it was probably because he was aware of us and facilitating our pass. I thought it considerate, as multiple vehicles were gaining on us from behind, causing congestion on an otherwise open road.

The vehicle ahead of the truck was also slowing considerably, so I decided to pass both vehicles, that is until I saw it was Wyoming Highway Patrol. Everyone knows don't do that so I passed truck only. A sudden, dangerous, unexpected situation followed, as trooper pulled to side, slammed on the brakes and created a three-wide hazardous situation for everyone. He then abruptly pulled in behind me and pulled me over.

I was ticketed for 85 in a 70 mph zone, as trooper explained he had four-way radar. He said it shows a number that he adds to his speed. When I questioned the math and the reasoning, as his vehicle was considerably slowing, and mine accelerating, with both vehicles traveling the same direction, he became agitated. I was shocked to be getting a ticket, as I am deliberate about keeping my record clean and being safe. My vehicle was never over 80 mph.

I plan on fighting this, although it will cost considerably more to do so than to go along.

Won't spend another dollar in Wyoming.

Anthony Schmaltz