According to city ordinance, section 22-406 of the Billings Municipal Code, sidewalks must be “clean and safe for pedestrians within 24 hours.”

When this snow in Billings fell thick and cold and fast last week, the honorable residents all along South 28th Street behaved within compassionate compliance of this law. However, all along South 27th Street, from pre-release Passages Women’s Center, the probation and parole offices, the Montana Highway Patrol and the Montana Women’s Prison did not comply with this order and the snow and slush several feet deep continue to keep the sidewalk impassable and unsafe for pedestrians. RiverStone cleared their sidewalks beautifully.

These law enforcement officers have neglected to attend to their presentation and responsibility to the public to provide safe pedestrian access to the public sidewalk on South 27th Street. Remember to uphold the law with integrity and honor.

Code Enforcement can be contacted at 237-6146.

Beth A. Darling