It is obvious which way Sen. Jon Tester will vote on the tax reform bill, since he has shown how willing he is to sell out Montana and the country. As a Pelosi puppet, he will undoubtedly vote to continue along the dismal path our state and country have been put on under his tenure and the previous administration.

Concerned about the increase to national debt? Where was his concern when you have been supporting the $7.5 trillion debt increase under the previous administration? That, coupled with the siphoning of American jobs to everywhere else on the planet, is a no-win situation and he has consistently supported that defeat of America. To worsen the problem, he has done nothing to defend our borders against illlegal aliens.

The only hope for Montana and the nation is that he will be included in those that get drained from the sewer with the continuing populist movement — you have over-lived your useless self-gaining and sellout agenda at the expense of citizens.

I pray that there are still enough real Montanans left here in the state (those who have not had to leave to get work to be able to make a living, or get a decent education) to serve you your just reward by giving you a “no” vote on Election Day.

Ron Wyrick