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A recent letter to the editor stated that the writer was embarrassed by Tester questioning the tax bill to Montanans in TV. Wow! Scary! As suggested in the letter, you don’t ask someone what scribbles mean on a legal document. Such negotiating leaves you wide open for the opponent to write in anything they want as the meaning of the scribbles and change their minds at any time.

Laws are legal documents. Those who vote yes on a bill are putting their signature on the bill. Bills should be complete and clearly worded before they are voted upon and signed. Would your attorney have you sign a contract that had unreadable scratches in the margins or any writing for that matter? Aren’t we all supposed to read all documents which we sign? Legal documents have to hold up in court and can have no extraneous writing in the margins.

To vote for laws which have scribbles in the margin is a clear sign Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Greg Gianforte are only being told what to tell the voters is in the bill and they obviously made no effort to read what they voted for. Meanwhile they are promised plenty of political money for advertising when they vote for the bill and who knows what else. Did President Donald Trump read the bill or sign the one with scribbles? Is this business as usual in the swamp?

Voters deserve professionalism in writing and passing bills, not rush jobs designed to fool the public and make political gains. Making America great right now means put putting robber barons in power while they create low paying jobs and eliminate high paying jobs.

Thank you, Jon Tester, for being a conscientious senior senator who works to represent Montanans in a responsible manner. Thank you also for bringing this dangerous and irresponsible approach to governing to the attention of the public.

Sue Beland