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We sure can tell it's an election year. Yard signs are everywhere and every other commercial has a candidate telling us how great they are. I don't know if they believe what they're saying or if they think their constituents don't know any better.

My experience with Sen. Jon Tester isn't anywhere close to what he is saying when it comes to the VA or vets in general.

In 2016, when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, his doctor was at the Billings VA. That facility is a clinic, not a hospital, so my husband had to switch to Vet's Choice. We waited six weeks for someone at Vet's Choice to call with an approval for treatment. I sent Sen. Tester an e-mail and asked for his help with this situation. To this day, I've never heard back from his office. That was almost two years ago. I finally contacted Ryan Zinke and his office responded the same day.

The following day, we received a call from Vet's Choice that treatment was approved. Unfortunately, by then, cancer had a foothold on my husband and ultimately, cancer won. Needless to say, Jon Tester won't be getting my vote.

Kathy Galbreath