Thank you, Sen. Steve Daines, for being among the first Republicans to rebuke Roy Moore following credible child molestation allegations. It’s a relief.

But before we knew about Moore’s sexual proclivities we knew he was acutely unqualified. He was booted off the Alabama Supreme Court (twice!) for violating the Constitution of the United States.

Why endorse someone who spouts hogwash like, "There's no such thing as evolution," and falsely alleges Sharia Law is being enforced in Illinois and Indiana? This predator plainly seeks to impose his own religious law on our free nation: "God is the only source of our law, liberty and government," he preaches.

He aligns himself with Vladimir Putin because they would both make homosexuality illegal. He also asserts that Obama was born in Kenya.

That’s the guy you endorsed. But at least you drew the line at child predation. Now, maybe you could rethink handing the Trump family a billion-dollar holiday bonus by voting to cut taxes for the super wealthy while raising them on lower income Americans? Or is that just too much morality to ask of you in the same month?

Wanda LaCroix