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Credit should go where credit is due. Montanans deserve credit for saving our 9 million veterans from second class medical leadership.

Your senator, Jon Tester, unearthed multiple, seriously troubling reports about Ronny Jackson, the physician Trump nominated to run the Veterans Administration. Tester impartially, but firmly defended our honored veterans from having their health care controlled by a substance-abusing tyrant. In these dishearteningly partisan times, I hope there is one thing we all agree on: Our veterans deserve the best medical care our nation can provide.

This was not a victory for Tester. It was a victory for the citizens of Montana. You were courageous enough to elect a moderate. Making that brave choice, Montanans perhaps did more good to protect our veterans than anyone in a generation. The whole nation owes you a hearty, "Thanks!"

Jeff Victoroff, MD, FAAN

Torrance, Calif.