My wife and I purchased three tickets to the Bob Seger concert totaling $175.

Bob Seger canceled the tour.

There is talk of postponement, but this is an uncertainty, the cancellation for the date on the ticket is not. This morning my wife and I went to the MetraPark ticket office where we purchased the tickets, and were denied a refund.


MetraPark is not honoring the refund policy on the back of the tickets, and the cancellation policy is clearly stated. There is no mention of postponement. You can't legally just make up your own policies. MetraPark should recognize the policy they have in print. They are just making up whatever they want to make things as easy and profitable for them as possible.

Kenneth Bishop



Editor's note: We reached out to Ray Massie, the marketing director at MetraPark for an explanation. Here's what he said: "As you can imagine, we have had a number of people who have been confused and frustrated.

"The patron is correct. Our cancellation policy is printed on the back of the ticket.


"But this is not a cancellation. It is a postponement. If the show were cancelled, there would be refunds. All parties fully expect the show to play at a different date.

"Money that was used to purchase tickets is held in a trust account that cannot be touched until the show is either performed at a later date, or cancelled — at which point the money would indeed be refunded.

"We are fortunate in this case of the great demand for tickets to this show. Tickets are not refundable, except for cancellation. The promoter of the show, Live Nation, has indicated they will accept refund requests after the new show date is announced. They are under no obligation to do so.

"One of the great things about only buying your tickets at or at the MetraPark Box Office are for circumstances like this one. MetraPark holds the money in trust so it can be refunded in the unlikely event of a cancellation. Third-party sites simply take the money and run. They are truly buyer beware. We ask people to be patient and wait for Mr. Seger to get healthy and reschedule his date here. We will update information as we have it."