Consider this: The Russians did meddle in our last election and have ever since the Cold War.

Vladimir Putin was raised KGB and it is naive to believe that the Russians ever thought that they could elect and control an American President, not from any party, especially Donald Trump!

With their hair on fire and after a badly botched election with a flawed candidate, Democrats have vowed to oppose Trump at every turn, no matter what the effect on the American people. If this pattern of non-cooperation continues, then I predict that no party will ever be able to conduct business again, no matter how many seats they hold. It will be revenge all around — governing will be impossible. That, friends, is the Russian Plan: To cause total disruption in our government and our ability to govern, no matter who is in power or who is president.

Pinning the blame on the Russians for Trump’s win played right into their hands as it inflated their power way beyond what it should be.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Dianne Feinstein might as well be on the KGB payroll, as they have taken the bait and are helping to fulfill the true Russian Plan, which is to cause chaos in our government. With the help of damaged political egos, the Russians have injected a killer bacteria into our governing chambers and the alphabet media get an assist. Now we are about to find out that the previous administration actually surveilled and spied on an American presidential candidate. Obama lied to us eloquently; Trump tells us the truth crudely ... which do you prefer?

Thomas L. Hunter