Another mass shooting in America; it's as if these lone shooters' sole intent is to surpass the current mass shooting carnage record. Of course, the media is the score-keeper, so these well-armed gun owners are well aware of the target to hit.

Some suggest that we need to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. However, the latest shooter had no history, nor exhibited any behavior which would raise concern.

I heard his brother describe him as "just a guy," with no religious or political affiliation and no mental health history.

As I type this letter, it appears that the guns were purchased legally, possibly converted to automatic weapons via inexpensive conversion kits. If automatic weapons are illegal, why are such conversion kits available?

It’s been said that statesmen/women govern with the next generation in mind. I can only conclude that Congress has too few statesmen/women and too many "weathervane" politicians, focused only on the political winds of the next election.

"Weathervane" politicos only offer thoughts and prayers to victims' families and, if enough are killed, perhaps even lower the American flag.

I'm sure that is not what Bob Dylan meant when he sang, "The answer, my friends, is blowin' in the wind."

I don't have a solution to the increasing number of mass shootings. It’s complicated, but I have to believe that our leaders can do better than just "thoughts and prayers." Perhaps they need to listen more to the families of the victims and those injured and less to lobbyists.

The next time I receive one of their campaign solicitations, I will send it back with a note expressing my own thoughts and prayers. I wonder if they will think that is sufficient.

John Ilgenfritz