To those who believe, living as we do in the cocoon of small town or ranch life, that we won't be affected by the machinations in Washington — not so. Soon, many of us will feel the sting as Trump's war on The Affordable Care Act continues. Despite protests from people who will die without health care, the Senate has sneaked a repeal of an important part of the ACA into its version of the "tax cut" legislation. If this egregious bill is passed, it will destabilize the ACA and hurt millions of those people, while others of us won't see big increases in our take-home pay. Instead, we will lose important deductions for: medical expenses, state and local taxes, student loans, mortgage interest and more.

Give big companies more money and they will just stash it overseas, not trickle it down to their workers. Worse yet, there are plans for massive cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. This is all about giving the richest even more tax breaks while some of us will actually pay more. That's why they're trying to push this through before anybody gets a good look at it.

And speaking of Trump's “Buy American, Hire American,” he and Ivanka still have all their products manufactured overseas. He's filed for permission to hire several dozen foreign workers to work at Mar-a-Lago for this winter season. Really.

I challenge all Fox viewers to take one hour each day, and tune to MSNBC or CNN or CBS — be sure you're hearing the truth by checking how other broadcasters are reporting news. Read a newspaper or two. You will be surprised.

Trump is still dragging his feet on enacting any of the new sanctions on Russia that Congress imposed after they meddled in our election. Why is that, do you suppose? Russia has never been our friend, and is not now. Either we get rid of some of these people who are endangering our country, or we may all have to subscribe to Babbel and learn Russian.

Paula Dee

Lovell, Wyo.