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I am writing to recommend that you vote in the primary for Scott Turner for county auditor. Turner is a Republican who is running for election as the auditor. The auditor’s main functions are to provide accounting services and oversight. He is the only candidate from either party who is qualified to be the auditor.

Turner’s qualifications and experience are extensive. Turner has a degree in accounting from MSU and earned his Certified Public Accountant certification. He served 28 years with Yellowstone County in the finance department, the last 26 of them as finance director, before retiring several years ago. As finance director, Turner supervised finance staff and worked with all of the county’s department heads on their financial needs.

He was especially involved, and effective, in preparing and managing the county’s annual budget. Turner is very much a fiscal conservative and served the county well. The county’s budget was, and remains, in good shape today in large part due to his involvement and guidance. The county commissioners recognized Turner’s qualifications when they choose him from a field of six applicants last fall to fill the vacancy in the auditor’s position.

It is critically important that the auditor be a person qualified and experienced in finance and accounting. This is not a political position that should be held by someone who has no idea how to run the office or perform its work, and most likely wants the position only as a stepping-stone to another elected office.

Gerry Fagan