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So I see where a student from Helena High School spoke to the crowd at Saturday's gun rally in Billings, calling those students who peacefully participated in the March 14 School Walkout "dangerous and reckless" on the same day that NRA board member Ted Nugent called for gun owners to "keep a gun handy" because Democrats, Hollywood, the media (all except for Fox) and liberals in general are "rabid coyotes" and "every time you see one, shoot one." I think the young man from Helena needs to look up "reckless" in the dictionary.

I am a gun owner, a liberal, and a defender of the Second Amendment who is disgusted by the fear-mongering used by the NRA and the acceptance of the fear mongering by many gun owners. I'm encouraged, however, that according to young Mr. Rous, he was the only student left in his class during the walkout. There's still hope.

Larry Demetriades