Bitterroot Evergreens

478 Tushapaw Road
Victor, MT 59875
Last Updated: November 12, 2014

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About Bitterroot Evergreens

Our wreaths are handcrafted with three varieties of freshly harvested fir boughs from high in the Bitterroot Mountains providing a thick and varied texture. Attractively accented with a variety of cones, juniper, red holiday berries and a beautiful velvet bow the wreath adds a wonderfully festive touch to any holiday setting. Approximately 22″ in diameter, sealed in plastic just prior to shipping to preserve that uniquely special Montana fragrance, and complete with a personalized holiday message the wreath becomes a truly cherished gift to any individual or group that deserves special attention during the holidays.

Bitterroot Evergreens offers handmade, “Made in Montana,” holiday wreaths, everyday wreaths, and evergreen centerpieces, swags, boughs and garland constructed of natural materials.