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Last Updated: October 24, 2017




About PhotoWizard

Recapture Those Wonderful Memories and
Preserve them for the Future!

With over twenty years of photo restoration experience, PhotoWizard has the skill and knowledge to help you preserve your precious memories for years to come!
Do you have old negatives, slides, or photos that you would like to see restored and made new again? PhotoWizard uses the latest technologies, including high-resolution scanning, photo editing software and the latest print technology, to restore the original quality of your photos! No matter what size your slides or negatives are, PhotoWizard has the power to restore your photos in all their original glory.

Not only will PhotoWizard restore your photos and make them like new again - we also offer on-site printing of your photos. Sizes vary. We print up to 12x18 with larger options available upon request.

Michael Wilson, owner and operator of PhotoWizard, understands the quality you desire and expect when it comes to your photos. Having been a professional photographer for over 40 years, he has honed his skills to be able to provide you with expert photo restoration services that will ensure your photos last a lifetime!


PhotoWizard     PhotoWizard

PhotoWizard     PhotoWizard


Additional Services Include:

CD/DVD Media Transfer

Don't just restore and print your photos. Take them home with you and have them virtually last forever when PhotoWizard transfers your restored photos to a CD/DVD for you to enjoy forever!

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To view Michael's own photography, and to purchase prints of his work, please click here


Billings, MT 59102



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