Moulton Bellingham PC

27 N 27th St # 1900 P.O. Box 2559
Billings, MT 59101
Last Updated: July 23, 2014

About Moulton Bellingham PC

One of the leading law firms in the region.

More About Moulton Bellingham PC

Moulton Bellingham PC provides a wide range of specialized legal expertise in nearly all areas of the law.  The firm that is now Moulton Bellingham, PC was one of the first law firms established in Montana, and it is now one of the leading law firms in the region. Founded in the early 1900's by Judge Charles H. Loud and others, the firm began as a circuit-riding law practice with offices in several Montana cities, including Miles City, Red Lodge, and Forsyth. By the early 1920's, the firm had consolidated in Billings, Montana, where it has remained to the present. While centrally-located in Billings, Montana, Moulton Bellingham's practice extends throughout the State of Montana and regionally. Attorneys at Moulton Bellingham practice in State District Courts in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Nebraska, as well as the Federal District Courts, Appellate Courts, the United States Supreme Court, and Federal Bankruptcy Courts. In addition, attorneys at Moulton Bellingham are licensed to practice in multiple tribal courts throughout the State of Montana.