Auto Loans: Myths and Facts

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January 27, 2014 11:00 am

I have to have perfect credit.

Not at all. Most lenders offer programs for people with all sorts of financial histories. At Billings Federal Credit Union we recognize that people encounter all sorts of financial challenges, especially in this day and age. We offer a variety of financing options for individuals all along the credit spectrum.

I have to have a big down payment.

While it is true that a larger down payment will result in a smaller loan, Billings Federal Credit Union does offer programs with up to 100% financing.

I can only get a loan for a new car.

Lenders look at the value of the vehicle, not whether it’s new or used. The auto loan experts at Billings Federal Credit Union will make sure you get the right financing at the right value.

I have to have been in the same job for two years or more, right?

Most vehicle loans require you to have been with your current employer for six months or more.

Billings Federal Credit Union is your source for the best vehicle finance options out there. Our team of professionals will make sure you get in the right program for you at the best rate possible.

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