Fitness Assessments & Re-Assessments

July 15, 2014 12:00 am

The fitness assessment is the initial evaluation of your fitness level. In order to design a safe and appropriate exercise program, we need to know where to start. We measure your blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, flexibility, strength, aerobic capacity, and movement patterns. The Fitness Assessment is also crucial in determining your goals and making sure that those goals are specific and measurable. The results of the fitness assessment will be compared to a re-assessment at a later date to determine the degree of success of your training program. The fitness assessment is required in order to begin one-on-one personal training with APEX. The only way to know if you've reached your goals is to know where you started.

☼ Initial Assessment - $100

☼ Re-Assessment - $60

☼ Body Composition Testing - $20

How many pounds of body fat have you lost? Your scale can't tell you, but our BIA 410 can! We can measure water, muscle, and fat to determine exactly where your weight loss is coming from. This is especially important when you start a resistance training program and begin to gain muscle...this is a good thing - especially for women! We've had clients gain as much as eight pounds when starting a resistance training program, simply from putting on muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat, your weight will often go up a bit before going down when starting a resistance training program. Measuring body composition helps to avoid frustration and can encourage you to continue.

Within our 8,000 square-foot facility at 1002 10th Street West, Suite 3, Apex Personal Training & Fitness Center also is a proud supplier of Metagenics brand nutritional supplements. With the numerous brands of supplements available, it is important to choose a nutritional supplement that is of the highest quality and is subject to the strictest manufacturing processes.

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