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Anders Blewett

TOC all-star wrestling tournament discontinued

GREAT FALLS -- The Tournament of Champions all-star wrestling tournament held the past five years in Great Falls one week after the state wrestling tournament has been discontinued.

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Gazette opinion: Uniform policy will help protect athletes’ brains

Next season, all Montana school districts must take steps to protect student athletes from traumatic brain injury.

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Bullock signs bipartisan concussion bill to protect student-athletes

Bullock signs bipartisan concussion bill to protect student-athletes

HELENA — Sen. Anders Blewett’s bill to protect student-athletes from brain injuries was signed by the governor Monday.

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State senate backs Olympic wrestling

HELENA -- The Montana Senate passed a resolution on Thursday urging the International Olympic Committee to reconsider its decision to drop the sport of wrestling from the 2020 Olympics.

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Anti-concussion bill en route to governor for signature

Anti-concussion bill en route to governor for signature

GREAT FALLS — A bill that would require student-athletes to be removed from play after they show signs of having a concussion is on its way to Gov. Steve Bullock's desk.

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Gazette opinion: A crime-fighting team for Yellowstone County kids

Prosecuting crimes against children requires special skills and techniques that will gather evidence without causing further harm to the young victims.

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Reporter's Notebook: Senate Democrats gamble on blowing up the session – did it blow up in their face?

HELENA -- Montana’s Democratic Senate minority went in for a big gamble Friday, as they tried blowing up the 2013 Legislature to block a pair of bills they saw as particularly odious.

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Most referendum measures find approval

Most referendum measures find approval

HELENA — The Senate and House endorsed all but one of the referendums before them Thursday, but not without some controversy.

April 04, 2013 8:47 pm Photos


GOP lawmakers drop in late referendum bills

GOP lawmakers drop in late referendum bills

HELENA — At the 11th hour of this legislative session, some Republican lawmakers are dropping in referendums to put controversial issues directly before voters and bypass possible vetoes by Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock.

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Guest opinion: Montana should welcome local craft breweries

Throughout the 63rd legislative session, members of both parties have touted their efforts to create jobs and strengthen Montana’s economy. Whether it is reducing tax burdens on small business or making new investments in education, there is good news coming out of the Legislature.

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Gazette opinion: Time grows short for child abuse legislation

Last year, Montana’s Child and Family Service Division completed 8,060 investigations of child abuse and neglect reports involving 11,835 children. Abuse or neglect was substantiated in 2,037 investigations, including:

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Bill aims to restrict law enforcement searches

Bill aims to restrict law enforcement searches

HELENA — Lawmakers are considering a measure that would require law enforcement officers to have a reasonable suspicion before they can conduct strip or body cavity searches.

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Montana Senate proposal protects workers' social-media privacy

Montana Senate proposal protects workers' social-media privacy

HELENA — Employers would be prohibited from requesting the username and password of an applicant or employee's social-media account under a measure presented Thursday to the House Business and Labor Committee.

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Gazette opinion: Strengthen laws to prosecute child abusers

A Hardin woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the death of a 3-year-old foster child who was left alone in a hot car for several hours.

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Gazette opinion: Student safety: Stop playing with concussions

Imagine being a 17-year-old high school football quarterback, a 14-year-old softball pitcher or a 12-year-old soccer goalie. If these young athletes got hit in the head during a game, but could still run, catch and kick, would they ask the coach to take them out? Would hard-training student-…

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Montana schools may face more concussion rules

Montana schools may face more concussion rules

HELENA — School coaches could face more stringent rules when dealing with student athletes who suffer concussions under a new bill that is advancing in the Montana Legislature.

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Bill to address youth concussions draws big support

Bill to address youth concussions draws big support

HELENA — Numerous Montanans — including parents, doctors, nurses, lawyers, athletic trainers and school officials — supported a bill Friday to require youth athletes with signs of concussions to be sidelined and not participate in sports again until they receive medical clearance.

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Guest opinion: Let's resolve to strengthen child protection laws in 2013

In recent years, stories of horrific child abuse in Montana have become all too frequent: children violently killed by their parents or other adult caregivers; infants and toddlers suffering broken bones; children molested by adults; children exposed to meth distribution and production, and …

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Fifth annual TOC scheduled

GREAT FALLS -- The fifth annual Tournament of Champions wrestling tourney is set for Feb. 16 at the Paris Gibson Education Center here.

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Filibuster needs to be reformed

Created via gentleman's agreement and enshrined in the rules of the U.S. Senate, an arcane parliamentary maneuver known as the filibuster has paralyzed Congress and crippled its ability to address the issues of our time. A filibuster empowers the minority party to require 60 votes to conduct…

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