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Blackfeet Tribe

Feds find major problems in Blackfeet court system

HELENA — Federal officials have threatened to cut off funding to the Blackfeet courts after finding unqualified and unvetted judges, prosecutors and staff running an unstable system that denies due process to those who appear before it and is overly influenced by tribal leaders.

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3 Blackfeet council members ousted in primary

GREAT FALLS — Blackfeet voters apparently fed up with the division among their tribal council members have ousted three of four incumbents in this week's primary elections.

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Blackfeet consultant convicted for kickbacks

GREAT FALLS — A federal jury convicted a consultant for the Blackfeet Indian tribe of more than two dozen charges after prosecutors said he provided kickbacks to tribal leaders in a scheme to defraud a $9.3 million mental health program.

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Montana state senator arrested by Blackfeet officers

Montana state senator arrested by Blackfeet officers

HELENA — Tribal law enforcement officers Friday arrested a state senator and Blackfeet leader accused of not complying with the terms of a plea agreement for drunken driving, a charge he has called false and politically motivated.

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Blackfoot member brings bison heart to Capitol to protest pregnant bison hunt

Blackfoot member brings bison heart to Capitol to protest pregnant bison hunt

HELENA — Toting the bloody heart of a bison wrapped in a plastic bag, a Blackfoot tribal member came to the governor’s office Tuesday to speak out against the killing of pregnant female bison by the Nez Perce Tribe from Idaho.

March 05, 2014 10:39 am Photos



Trial to begin in Blackfeet embezzlement case

HELENA — A trial is set to begin Tuesday in Great Falls for a former Oklahoma State University professor accused of helping embezzle federal money from a Blackfeet program for troubled youth.

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3 plead guilty to roles in Blackfeet embezzlement

GREAT FALLS — Three people pleaded guilty Friday to charges filed in the defrauding of a federally funded program meant to help Blackfeet Indian youth.

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Ex-director of aid program admits to embezzling from Blackfeet to fund gambling

GREAT FALLS — The former director of a federally funded aid program on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation has pleaded guilty to embezzling almost $300,000 from the program to fund her gambling.

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Augare wants federal charges dismissed

Augare wants federal charges dismissed

BROWNING — A state senator and Blackfeet tribal council member plans to ask a judge to drop federal drunken-driving and obstruction charges against him now that he has pleaded guilty to similar charges in tribal court.

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Blackfeet tribal chairman suspends 2 councilmen

Blackfeet tribal chairman suspends 2 councilmen

KALISPELL — The chairman of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council suspended two councilmen - a state senator who faces a DUI charge and another on allegations of improper conduct on a recent trip to Washington, D.C. - after the business council did not act on his request for a formal vote on…

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Blackfeet soldier died of illness, not explosion

Blackfeet soldier died of illness, not explosion

Blackfeet soldier died of illness, original report of explosion erroneous

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FBI takes over investigation into Montana state senator

FBI takes over investigation into Montana state senator

HELENA — The FBI has stepped in to lead the investigation into a state senator and Blackfeet tribal leader accused of fleeing an officer who suspected him of drunken driving, according to new court documents.

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Former Blackfeet tribal leaders to settle over musicians' illegal hunts

HELENA — Three former Blackfeet tribal leaders pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges they held illegal big-game hunts for country musicians participating in an outdoors television show on the northwestern Montana reservation.

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Blackfeet tribe divided over enrollment proposal

GREAT FALLS -- A debate over whether to expand the eligibility requirements to enroll as a Blackfeet tribal member is dividing the northwestern Montana reservation.

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Blackfeet women join together to oppose oil, gas 'fracking'

Blackfeet women join together to oppose oil, gas 'fracking'

BROWNING – On a recent flight over Divide Mountain, a snow-marbled peak that straddles the border between the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and Glacier National Park, Lori New Breast crossed her fingers.

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Blackfeet officials trying to trap grizzly that killed steers

GREAT FALLS — Wildlife officials with the Blackfeet Tribe were working Wednesday to capture any grizzly bears responsible for killing six yearling steers on a ranch about 40 miles north of Browning.

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Legal training targets tribal justice system

PABLO - Melody Sure Chief is like many tribal prosecutors in that the 51-year-old grandmother of 18 has no law degree and all of her courtroom experience comes from two decades working her way up as a clerk, public defender and finally a prosecutor.

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Blackfeet Tribe plan tribal grocery store in Browning

GREAT FALLS — The Blackfeet Tribe plans to build a grocery store in Browning to create competition in the grocery market.

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Blackfeet tribal casino goes smoke free

GREAT FALLS — Blackfeet tribal officials want to make sure the tribe's indoor smoking ban is enforced at a tribally owned casino.

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Blackfeet, Glacier County seek help with snow

GREAT FALLS — Glacier County and the Blackfeet Tribe have declared a state of emergency because the amount of snow that has fallen east of Glacier National Park this winter has made it difficult to keep the roads open.

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