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Christy Clark

PACs backing competing GOP candidates report spending

HELENA — In the war between competing factions of the Montana Republican Party this primary election, two new political-action committees are spending to help their chosen candidates — but it’s not exactly big money.

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Montana GOP has 3-way fight for party chair

Montana GOP has 3-way fight for party chair

HELENA — Montana Republican Party Chairman Will Deschamps thinks the GOP did pretty well in the 2012 elections, holding Montana’s sole congressional seat, winning attorney general for the first time in 20 years, maintaining control of the Legislature and sweeping three Public Service Commiss…

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Guest opinion: Montana's 2013 session enhances public safety

Looking east from Montana toward Washington, D.C., the view can be grim at times. Congress and the president are too often bogged down in rancorous bickering while solutions to our nation’s most pressing challenges take a back seat to politics. But when it comes to protecting public safety, …

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Gazette opinion: Counting DUIs: Offenders won’t elude their past

Montana law just got tougher for some repeat DUI offenders.

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Bullock signs law to crack down on drunken driving

Bullock signs law to crack down on drunken driving

HELENA — Gov. Steve Bullock has signed into law a measure that will allow judges to look back 10 years to add penalties for drivers who have multiple drunken-driving convictions.

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Guest opinion: Montana should welcome local craft breweries

Throughout the 63rd legislative session, members of both parties have touted their efforts to create jobs and strengthen Montana’s economy. Whether it is reducing tax burdens on small business or making new investments in education, there is good news coming out of the Legislature.

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GOP-dominated House refuses to revive 'Hire Montanans First' act

GOP-dominated House refuses to revive 'Hire Montanans First' act

HELENA — House Democrats failed Saturday in their attempt to revive a Bullock administration proposal to require contractors on public-works projects to hire at least 75 percent of their workforce from Montana.

February 23, 2013 10:45 am Photos


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Rep. Christy Clark, R-Choteau

Rep. Christy Clark, R-Choteau


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House passes bill to clarify ban on recreational access on ditches

HELENA — The often-divisive stream access issue was back before the Legislature on Wednesday as the House passed a bill sought by private landowners to clarify the state ban on recreational access on ditches.

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House reverses itself, kills vote by mail

HELENA — The House on Friday killed a bill that would have switched most Montana elections to a vote-by-mail system, as 15 Republicans switched their votes to "no" after voting "yes" on a preliminary vote Thursday that endorsed the idea.

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