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Montana officials: Obama's proposal for free community college raises more questions

Montana officials: Obama's proposal for free community college raises more questions

Montana’s higher education officials said they’re not quite sure what to make of the president’s lofty plan announced Friday to make community college free for any American.

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UW works to ease transfer process

CASPER, Wyo. — The University of Wyoming is working to ease the transfer process for students of Wyoming’s seven community colleges.

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Wyoming community colleges look to improve graduation

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Wyoming community colleges are looking to start a new program that aims to increase the number of students successfully completing college.

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Wyoming community college tuition is going up

 CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Wyoming's Community College Commission has voted to raise tuition for in-state students by $4 per credit hour.

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Gazette opinion: Investing $25M in Montana’s future workforce

Gazette opinion: Investing $25M in Montana’s future workforce

What happens when 13 colleges and 57 businesses collaborate statewide to meet student and employer needs for job training?

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Highlands College gets $450K grant from Department of Labor

Highlands College in Butte will receive $454,965 of a $25 million Department of Labor grant that will be divvied up among 12 other two-year colleges in Montana.

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Gazette opinion: City College needs to boast students’ success

In the year since Montana’s two-year colleges changed their names, people in Billings have become accustomed to hearing about City College.

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Wyoming community college tuition increases

CHEYENNE — Facing increasing costs and a possible reduction in state funding, the Wyoming Community College Commission voted Wednesday to raise tuition rates at its seven campuses.

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Small colleges rely on police to handle violence

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — When a Casper College instructor was killed in front of his class, there wasn't much campus security could have done to stop the attacker. He struck quickly and was armed with a compound bow and knives.

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Casper College offers student counseling after murder-suicide

Casper College offers student counseling after murder-suicide

CASPER, Wyo. -- This weekend, students in the Casper College residence halls will be together, watching movies. After Friday's double homicide and suicide tied to a school that doubles as the residents' home, college administrators planned a special weekend for the students “to keep them occ…

November 30, 2012 9:08 pm Photos



7 vie for Casper College board seats

CASPER, Wyo. — Seven hopefuls are vying for four seats on the Casper College board of trustees in November’s general election. Candidates said they'll focus on goals from construction plans to forming more community ties if elected to a four-year term.

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Wyoming community college summit features completion experts

CHEYENNE, Wyo.  - The second annual Wyoming Summit on Community Colleges is scheduled to be held Tuesday in Casper.

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UW defensive end on a mission

LARAMIE — Miraldo Michel didn't have his bags packed, but that was the next step.

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Wyoming community colleges prepare for lean times

CASPER, Wyo. -- Staff reductions, leaving open positions unfilled, offering fewer sections of courses, less community outreach and reducing some student services are among the ways Wyoming's seven community colleges are contemplating dealing with possible budget cuts of 8 percent for the fis…

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Wyoming community colleges could see $9M cut

CHEYENNE — An 8-percent budget cut would cost Wyoming's seven community colleges about $9.1 million and would mean cutbacks for nursing and veterans tuition waiver programs.

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Berger says college funding could be tough issue

Berger says college funding could be tough issue

SHERIDAN, Wyo. — One of the leaders of the Legislature's Joint Appropriations Committee says funding for community colleges could be a tough issue for lawmakers during the upcoming budget session.

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UW junior college transfers with degrees do better

UPDATE -- 3:12 P.M.: CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Wyoming community college students who transfer to the University of Wyoming do much better if they first earn an associate's degree at the two-year college.

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UM College of Technology hopes renaming will change perceptions

On Monday morning, University of Montana College of Technology Dean Barry Good submitted his plan for future changes and rebranding at the two-year school.

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Gazette opinion: Urgent action needed to optimize COTs

Gazette opinion: Urgent action needed to optimize COTs

Two-year colleges aren't a popular option in Montana. Only 25 percent of Montana college students are in two-year institutions, compared with a national average of 46 percent.

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Welding instructor Jim LeProwse

Welding instructor Jim LeProwse

Dawson Community College welding instructor Jim LeProwse shows one of three welding simulators that train students. Students also get lots of real welding experience.

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