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George F. Will: Supreme Court plays indispensable constable role

WASHINGTON — Two 5-4 decisions last week on the final decision day of the Supreme Court’s term dealt with issues that illustrate the legal consequences of political tactics by today’s progressives. One case demonstrated how progressivism’s achievement, the regulatory state, manufactures soci…

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Democrats file election complaint against Zinke

Democrats file election complaint against Zinke

HELENA — The Montana Democratic Party filed a complaint Monday with the Federal Election Commission seeking an investigation into connections between Republican U.S. House candidate Ryan Zinke and the super PAC he founded.

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Zinke, Lewis win House primaries

Zinke, Lewis win House primaries

HELENA — Ryan Zinke, a former state senator from Whitefish, won a tightly contested Republican race for the U.S. House early Wednesday, while John Lewis rolled to a decisive victory over John Driscoll in the Democratic race.

June 03, 2014 9:22 pm Photos


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Daines, Walsh advance in race for U.S. Senate

Daines, Walsh advance in race for U.S. Senate

HELENA — U.S. Rep. Steve Daines, R- Mont., and Sen. John Walsh, D-Mont., cruised to easy victories in their respective primary elections Tuesday, setting up a fall showdown between the two incumbents for a U.S. Senate seat held by Democrats for a century.

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Guest opinion: Harry Reid shouldn't have meddled in Montana election

Montanans' most fundamental right is at risk: the right to choose who we want to represent us in free and open primary elections.

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Gazette opinion: Bullock's closed-door politics

It’s always a little galling when folks accuse politicians of playing politics.

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Guest opinion: GOP leaders target lawmakers who supported public education

In a Jan. 16 guest opinion, Yellowstone County Republicans Dale Mortensen, Jennifer Owen and Anna Woods argued that primary efforts under way to purge so-called moderate Republicans from the party in Montana are something to cheer. This power grab from the right wing of the Republican Party …

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Guest opinion: Primaries show GOP strength, not weakness

The Gazette’s front page story on Jan. 13, “GOP Showdown,” seems to suggest that primary elections are a new Republican invention and that the very soul of the party is at stake in 2014. Reality, as usual, is quite different.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: America's hidden consensus for justice

WASHINGTON — Why are we arguing about issues that were settled decades ago? Why, for example, is it so hard to extend unemployment insurance at a time when the jobless rate nationally is still at 7 percent, and higher than that in 21 states?

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Year 1 down, Bullock looks ahead

Year 1 down, Bullock looks ahead

HELENA — With his first year in office nearly in the books, Gov. Steve Bullock said he can point to a number of accomplishments and a few disappointments so far, but he’s focused on the future.

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Guest opinion: Sizing up budget compromise and U.S. senate candidates

In politics timing is everything and that certainly appears to be the case with Lt. Gov. John Walsh and U.S. Rep. Steve Daines.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: American voters shift away from Tea Party

WASHINGTON — The center of gravity in American politics moved left in Tuesday’s off-year elections.

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Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts: How gerrymandering sunk U.S. into gridlock

This is not the most acrimonious period in American political history. In 1804, Vice President Aaron Burr killed his longtime rival, Alexander Hamilton, in a duel. Fifty-two years later, Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina assaulted Sen. Charles Sumner of Massachusetts with a heavy cane.

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House Democrats rally behind bill co-sponsored by Rep. Daines

House Democrats rally behind bill co-sponsored by Rep. Daines

Attempting to force an end to the federal government shutdown, House Democrats are dusting off a March bill proposed by Montana Rep. Steve Daines and other Republicans that doesn’t defund Obamacare.

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Rock Springs to host 2014 Dem state convention

ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. — Rock Springs will be the site of the 2014 Wyoming State Democratic Convention.

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Democrats boosting legislative campaign efforts

HELENA — Montana Democrats, who haven’t captured a majority in both houses of the Legislature in more than two decades, have stepped up their legislative campaign efforts and started earlier to prepare for the 2014 elections.

July 28, 2013 12:00 am

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Immigration: Time for lawmakers to choose sides

WASHINGTON — The future of immigration reform is, for now at least, not up to House Speaker John Boehner. It is in the hands of a group of moderately conservative Republican senators who have to decide whether their desire to solve a decades-old problem outweighs their fears of retaliation f…

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: Obama's wake-up call: Focus on big issues for America

WASHINGTON — President Obama got roughed up by the pundit class last week. The question is what lessons he draws from the going-over. Here's one he should take: The nation's political conversation has grown stale and many Americans have lost the sense of what he is doing to improve their lives.

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Budget bill clears Senate after deal on cuts, family planning funds

Budget bill clears Senate after deal on cuts, family planning funds

HELENA — A coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans in the state Senate advanced the session’s major spending bill Saturday after voting to bar a potential increase of 500 state positions the next two years.

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E.J. Dionne Jr.: Will extremist politics end majority rule?

WASHINGTON -- The National Rifle Association is facing attacks from Gun Owners of America for being too soft on gun control. This is like a double cheeseburger coming under severe criticism for lacking enough cholesterol.

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